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2019 Briggs & Al's Run & Walk

Team Maxwell Z. Richardson

Welcome to our team page! Teams have a huge impact on the success of Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk and we are glad you are here!

In March 2003 Max contracted a rare case of pneumonia.  He became septic (an infection in the blood) and during the course of treatment the doctors ran into complications as Max's blood wasn't clotting and they couldn't figure out why. A team of critical care doctors worked for several hours attempting to stabilize him.  The doctors estimated that Max's likelihood of surviving was less than 3%.

 Miraculously, the doctors determined Max had a rare strain ("T Antigen") of the pneumonia and were able to stabilize him. At this point the doctors figured Max had a 50% chance of survival.  After a long struggle that included 78 days in the hospital Max was able to go home. 

Unfortunately, Max suffered the following damage due to various complications: - Max had the tips of 9 fingers and 6 toes amputated; - Max suffered bleeding on his brain that resulted in brain damage similar to a stroke. He received several months of rehabilitation learning how to regain the ability to walk, talk, and eat; - Max's kidneys were damaged and essentially "shut down" and never recovered. 

 Max received peritoneal dialysis at home for 10 hours each night for 14 months.  On July 13, 2004, Max received a kidney transplant from our hero the late Jane Piering, his father's cousin who passed on almost 5 years ago.  It’s hard to believe it has already been 15 years since his transplant and over 15 years since he first became ill.  Max's health is good and his labs continue to show no signs of rejection.

 In the years after Max’s transplant he was not growing at the appropriate rate and as a result he began taking growth hormones in August 2013.  We are very pleased to report that Max has had great results thus far and that he is continuing to benefit from the growth hormones. Max Graduated high school this year at Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay. WOW! 

We are huge proponents of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and for the past 14 years, we have raised funds for the hospital by participating in Al’s Memorial Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital. Since it is becoming too difficult for many families to attend the walk due to scheduling conflicts with children’s events such as football, soccer, volleyball, etc. we are no longer formally assembling a large team or having a post walk party.

That said, we continue to be active supporters of the hospital and we are planning to participate in the walk again this year. Anyone interested in participating in the walk/run on September 14th is invited to join us as we will be having custom team shirts again this year. We will have a very small group walking this year but it should still be fun and anyone who is available and interested is welcome to join us. A number of individuals have reached out to us about the ability to support the hospital even though we are winding down our participation in the walk. We are certainly not soliciting contributions but for those interested in supporting the hospital we have established a web site where contributions are accepted.
To join our team or to make pledges online please go to the following web site and click on “Join Team” or “Donate Now”:

If the link doesn’t work you can go to www.alsrun.com and click on the "Donate" button located on the lower middle of the page. On the next screen select "Search for a team or Scott for indivudual fundraiser", enter “Team Maxwell” in the Team Name box and hit the search button. You should then see Team Maxwell Z. Richardson listed below. Click on the "Team Maxwell Z. Richardson" link and it will take you to our personal fundraising page.

To make a donation once you are on our personal fundraising page you click on the “Donate Now” button and enter the relevant information on the top portion of the page and under Gift Designation (just above where you enter billing information) you will want to click on the “Direct my gift to:” and from the drop down box select "Maxwell Z. Richardson Fund".

Alternatively, anyone wishing to make a contribution by check can mail a check payable to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to us and we will then submit all of the checks together. Earlier this year Maxwell’s Endowment Fund at the hospital received an extremely generous testamentary contribution from Mary Dolan (the cousin of Maxwell’s grandpa Mike Richardson). We are pleased to report that with that contribution and the generous contributions received over the past 14 years the Maxwell Z. Richardson Endowment Fund at the hospital is just under $490,000. Based on the size of the fund we are able to make annual disbursements to specific departments at the hospital in the range of $20,000-$25,000. Thanks again to everyone who has helped us support the hospital!
In closing, thanks again for all the support and please feel free to join us on September 16th if you would like to participate in the walk.
Scott, Cecilia & Maxwell


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Welcome to Team Maxwell Z. Richardson's Page
Welcome to Team Maxwell Z. Richardson' Page