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Rubinstein Taybi Titans

Depending on when youre reading this, our daughter will be having, or will have already had, open heart surgery.  On her birthday, doctors and nurses pointed out Ayrilyn had abnormal thumbs and first toes, as well as a heart murmur. At two weeks old she was diagnosed with Rubinstein Taybi syndrome. Ayrilyn has been monitored by Children's Hospital of Wisconsin ever since, including Herma Heart Center. Until last year we had hoped Ayrilyn may never need open heart surgery to correct her VSD. Now in July 2018 it will be done by Children's. We are scared and anxious, and dreading it more than any other experience in our lives. But, knowing it will be done at Children's is a great comfort.

We want to thank anyone who donates to children's hospital of Wisconsin for our team. We know first hand how much those donations matter. 

We want to thank everyone who joins our team and walks with us. Your support means everything to us. 

Lastly we want to thank Carpetland USA Flooring Center for sponsering our team and our cause for another year. 

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Our fundraising goal: $3,000.00

Raised to date: $1,755.00

Welcome to Rubinstein Taybi Titans's Page
Welcome to Rubinstein Taybi Titans' Page