2017 Briggs & Al's Run & Walk

Being this cute is hard work!!!
Being this cute is hard work!!!

Super Bradley!

Hello! Thank you so much for coming to my Briggs & Al's Run & Walk page. This event and the mission it supports mean a lot to me and my family.


Why are we doing this?


The short answer is that I want to do something that helps kids, and I can't think of a better organization to support than Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, afterall they keep me alive and smiling!

I have been a patient at Children's Hospital since the very minute I was born.  I may only have half of a heart, but I have twice the fight!  I will not give up and neither will my team of family, friends, and hospital staff!  The doctors and nurses not only have literally saved my life, but they have given me a sense of home in a place or situation that would normally be very scary.  My family has also found knowledge and support that has helped us become stronger as a family.  We would not only like to help the hospital gain equipment and new tools, but also help other families who are having their lives turned upside down and heart shattered by childhood illnesses.   

Please help us, help them!  Want some exercise, smiles, and the experience of seeing the faces of Children's Hospital, then please sign up for team Super Bradley! and walk with us and the many other families who have been helped by this amazing hospital.  Have extra money and not sure of a good cause to give it to?  Look no further.  Children's Hospital is our non-profit organization of choice!  Whatever you have the means or desire to help with, we are very grateful!  

Thank you for not only supporting Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, but for also supporting me and my family throughout our journey! 



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