2017 Briggs & Al's Run & Walk

Jogging for Jacob

I would like to welcome you to join my team, Jogging for Jacob, for Brigg and Al's run and walk for Children"s Hospital. This will be the 10th year we have put together a team in memory of my little brother Jacob. He was born with 18q- which led to him having many disabilties like having to be fed through a tube in his stomach, being unable to walk or talk, and many others. Although Jake faced many challenges, he was the happiest little boy finding simple things like fire and bumps in the road funny. He could easily put a smile on your face. However, if it weren't for the many people at Children's Hospital and the many health care providers there we would not have had the 8 years with Jake that we did. As we take this day to remember my sweet little brother I invite you to join my team and/or make a donation to Children's Hospital. You can join my team by clicking on the tab that says "Join my team". To make a donation click the tab that says "donate now". Thank you to everyone for the love and support throughout the years.
The run or walk takes place Saturday, September 16th at 10:15am. The run and walk starts at 12th Street and Wisconsin Avenue on the Marquette University campus and ends at Maier Festival Park (Summerfest grounds).
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