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2019 Briggs & Al's Run & Walk

Brayden the Brave

Welcome to Brayden The Brave! Teams have a huge impact on the success of Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk and we are glad you are here!

Why are we doing this?
The short answer is that we want to do something that helps kids, and can’t think of a better organization to support than Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Children'a hospital has done so much it is our time to give back!

Children's hospital has been a huge part of our lives the last 2 1/2 years. Brayden was diagnosed with Craniopharynginoma in September 2016. Craniopharynginoma is a non cancerous brain tumor located near the pituitary gland. He has had multiple brain surgeries, MRI's, Spinal taps and lots of appointments. Brayden still gets headaches and has started being seen at Children's headache clinic to try and manage his headaches better. With everything going on Brayden still has a great personality and is a happy 5 year old. Brayden is enjoying 4K at Cushing Elementary and will start Kindergarten in September! 

By running or walking in this event for Children’s Hospital, we can raise funds that 100% support the care provided to kids, from life-saving cancer and heart treatments all the way to life-changing community care. At Children’s, they say they believe kids deserve the best, and they live up to that promise!

Walking as a team at Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk sends out a huge shout of support to the kids cared for by Children’s Hospital, and raises critical funds to support their care. It’s also a lot of fun, with kid-focused activities and entertainment all the way!

If you haven’t already, please join our team or help kick start fundraising with a donation of your own by clicking the donate button.

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Our fundraising goal: $1,000.00

Raised to date: $525.00

Welcome to Brayden the Brave's Page
Welcome to Brayden the Brave' Page