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The WFCA All-Star Charity Football Game is an annual fundraising effort for Children's Wisconsin that has raised more than $4.4 million since its inception. Donate today and you can help a specific player or coach achieve their individual fundraising goal.

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2019's WFCA All-Star Football Game

A Life Changing Experience. The WFCA is committed in their partnership with Children's through the All-Star Games to not only provide one of the GREATEST experiences of the players and coaches lives but also giving them the opportunity to help change the lives of so many children through our fundraising efforts.- Doug Sarver, WFCA President

We can do more to make the world safe for our kids

Donors like you play a vital role in helping Children’s Wisconsin save and transform lives. Your support allows Children's to go beyond just treating kids when they are sick and injured it creates a brighter future for kids by caring not only for their physical health, but also for their social and mental health.

Your generosity will help Children's grow promising ideas that will spark tomorrow’s innovations to improve the lives of Wisconsin kids.

Your Donor Dollars At Work: Carson’s Story

There is no health without mental health. And Wisconsin's kids are facing a mental and behavioral health crisis. One in five children in Wisconsin is living with a serious mental illness and our youth suicide rate is significantly higher than most of the United States. Every dollar raised by the WFCA All-Star Football Game helps Children’s change lives like Carson’s:

On the outside, Carson seemed like a happy, well-adjusted 14-year-old kid in a loving family. But a series of life challenges led to a sudden mental health crisis and, eventually, an attempted suicide resulting in devastating, life-threatening injuries. Thanks to the surgical and pediatric trauma care teams at Children’s, Carson was able to return home in seven weeks and has since become one of the many mental health advocates we work with to create awareness for others struggling with mental health concerns.

Carson’s story is a dramatic reminder of why we must reduce the stigma that surrounds mental and behavioral illness and ensure kids and families have the tools to confront it. With your support, we can help make sure Children’s Wisconsin has everything they need to improve the mental, physical, and social health of every child in Wisconsin.

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