Player Resources

Fundraising Requirements
Fundraising has always been an important part of the WFCA Football Game benefiting Children’s Wisconsin. In return for the honor of participating in the WFCA All-Star Games, a minimum fundraising requirement of $750 must be met.

All donations must be received by Children's Wisconsin no later than Monday July 19, 2021 to qualify for incentive prizes. Please have all fundraising dollars entered in your participant center or mailed to the Children’s Wisconsin Foundation office by this date.

Please be sure to include a note in your envelope when sending in your donations to include the player’s full name and team name.

Children’s Wisconsin
Nicole Johnson
PO Box 1197, MS 3050
Milwaukee, WI  53201

Note:If you are sending one large check, please be sure to send the tracking form below listing out all of the individual names with the donation amount and an email or mailing address so that they can receive a receipt.

Fundraising Tracking Form  (PDF)

Game Requirements
The following requirements must be completed by the assigned due dates in order to participate in the games.

  • Please send a copy of the front and back of your insurance card - DUE BY JUNE 9
  • Head Shot for use in the game day program - DUE BY JUNE 9
  • Player Emergency and Liability Form - DUE BY JUNE 11
  • You will need to bring proof of a negative COVID test or a vaccination card upon arrival to camp - BRING TO CAMP ON JULY 13


Below is a link to the All-Star Player Information form (also for Coaches). This is important information and is needed to ensure that you are recognized in the game day program and that we have your insurance information for medical staff.

There is a very short turnaround here so don’t put this away to do later!
Have your photo and insurance card to get started.

  1. 1. Fill out the profile information.
  2. 2. Upload your photo - A high resolution (300dpi) or large-format, digital image (.jpg or .pdf), headshots are preferred.
  3. 3. Upload a digital scan of your insurance card (both sides, 1 document).
  4. 4. Review
  5. 5. Submit

If we do not receive your information and a photo by the deadline, JUNE 9, you will not be featured in the game program. No exceptions.

All Players and Coaches participating in the 2021 WFCA All-Star games are required to produce proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to reporting for All-Star camp. Fully vaccinated Players and Coaches are exempt from the above-mentioned testing procedures. To be fully vaccinated, a Player or Coach must meet the following requirements on the day they report to camp:

  • It is at least 2 weeks after the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines
  • It is at least 2 weeks after receiving the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Fully vaccinated deadline is June 28th to be exempt by July 13th.
Verification of vaccination card must be presented on arrival.

The WFCA highly recommends that Players and Coaches become fully vaccinated prior to the deadline.

  • Click Register
  • Choose Join a Team
  • Click Search for a Team
  • Click the blue Join button that displays next to your team's listing
  • Choose Player as your Participation Type
  • Enter your Fundraising Goal ($750 or above)
  • Enter an Additional Gift Amount if you so choose (a donation you make yourself to kick-start your fundraising)
  • Click Next Step
  • On the following screen click Join as a New Participant
  • Complete the Registration Form on the following page - Please register using your personal email address not your school email address. Please use your cell phone so we can send you fundraising info via text.
  • Enter a User Name and Password. Note:You will use this same user name and password to log into the WFCA App (iOS | Android)
  • Click Next Step

Once you have completed your registration, be sure to personalize your fundraising page with your story, photos, etc. Share your page with your family, friends, high school booster clubs, and local businesses anyone who will support your efforts!


Reach out to your schools Booster/Gridiron Club.  Your schools club can support your fundraising initiative through coordinating events or donating directly to your efforts.

Hold a treat sale (baked goods, candy or fruit & nuts). These types of initiatives never go out of style. Who doesn’t love buying treats that benefit a worthy cause?

Host a car wash. Find a gas station willing to provide you with their space and hose hook up. Car washes can be for a fee or a suggested donation. Rally your teammates together to join you in your fundraising efforts.

Grow beards, take a polar plunge, or race rubber ducks in a pond! Creativity and fun goes a long way in fundraising. Share on social media to build awareness for your event.

Partner with a local restaurant. Restaurants in your area may host a fundraising night for you and donate a portion of all food sales towards your fundraising efforts.

GroupRaise Helps identify locations that offer fundraising nights in a specific area and allows you to plan them online.

Get local businesses involved in your efforts. Utilize the Sponsorship Menu to offer larger fundraising partnership opportunities to local businesses or companies you or your family have connections with.

Set up a challenge for local businesses. Set a fundraising goal and ask the donor to match that amount once you reach it. Don’t forget to spread the word on social media to friends and family to help you meet your challenge.

Match Giving. Many companies have matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Be sure to ask your donors if their workplaces offers this incentive. A $50 donation could turn into a $100 or $150 donation with no extra work from you!

Raise money using Facebook. Connect your fundraiser to Facebook so that you can raise money by reaching out to your friends and family on social media. All of the money that you raise through your Facebook Fundraiser will count toward your goal. Learn more by logging into your participant center.

Enhance your social experience. Ensure your goal is announced so your followers know what you are working towards. Give a special shout out to your donors to encourage others to join your campaign. Provide updates along the way to encourage as much participation as possible. Ensure your posts are shareable so your network can encourage their own followers to give to your campaign!

1. Click on Participant Center (you must be logged in first)

2. Click on the orange Enter new gift button (right column)

3. Enter the details for a donation that someone gave you or promised to give you:
     a. First name
     b. Last name
     c. Email (optional)
     Note: In order to receive a receipt an email or mailing address is needed
     d. Amount
     e. Payment type

4. Entering offline gifts is a critical step to ensure the total money raised is accurately reflected on your fundraising webpage. Once you mail your donations to our office (by July 19), each donation will be verified by our team.

5. Please note: you will only get credit for the donations we actually receive. If you enter a check or cash gift on your webpage but don’t end up receiving it, you will not get credit for that donation.

6. Please make checks payable to Children’s Wisconsin Foundation and mail in one envelope to:

Children’s Wisconsin
Nicole Johnson
PO Box 1197, MS 3050
Milwaukee, WI 53201

A room block is available beginning May 17, 2021. These will be available until rooms sell out.

Best Western Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center

Additionally, a list of accommodations in Oshkosh can be found by visiting

COVID-19 guidelines along with housing and travel agreements prevent the opportunity to have a banquet this year.

Each player and coach will receive four game day tickets for spectators to give to friends, family, sponsors, or other supporters.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, no tickets will be sold at the gate.

(subject to change)

1. Can I take a group of people and combine their donations to purchase a full-page ad?
Yes. However, Children’s staff will not create any ads.

2. Can I pay for all my cash donations I receive online using my credit card?
Yes and no. You can do that, but know that only the name of the cardholder will be recognized. If you have gifts of cash from 20 people and you make one lump entry online, only the one entry can be recognized. The 20 people will not get a receipt. You would be best off clipping the cash right to the donation form as recommended. You can write one check for all your cash gifts. HOWEVER, you will need to fill out a donation form with the individual names and giving levels listed so they can be sent a receipt.

3. What happens if I don’t turn in my donations on time?
If your donations do not arrive by July 19, 2021, you are risking losing your incentives. ANY PACKETS RECEIVED AFTER THE INCENTIVE ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED, THOSE PLAYERS WILL NOT RECEIVE THEIR INCENTIVES. There will be no exceptions to this.

4. I turned in my donation packet, but later received a donation that increased my level of incentive.  Can I get the additional incentive? 
If the gift is received by the Children’s staff prior to the incentive order being placed, you will receive the additional incentive. 

5. Are the donations tax-deductible? 
Yes, all offline (cash and check) donations and all online donations are tax deductible because Children’s is a 501c.3 organization. Reminder: all checks must be made payable to Children’s Wisconsin.

6. Does Children’s Wisconsin create ads? 

7. What if someone has a matching gift from their company? 
This is great for you, because if someone makes a $100 gift, you just got credit for the match as well.  Some companies match as much as 3:1.  If that’s the case, your $100 gift just became $400.  If the donor informs you of the match, please indicate as such on the ad reporting form and attach their matching gift form.  Children’s will take care of processing all paperwork.  Some companies do their matches online. They will know this, however, you need to inform us that you are expecting a match.  You can make a notation right on the ad reporting form.

8. Can more than one player work together to raise funds?  
Many times there is more than one player on the team from the same community.  You may or may not choose to work together for your fundraising.  You can each do your own individual friends and family and work together on businesses.  For recognition, all shared contributors will appear on both players’ pages in the program.  HOWEVER, for the purpose of player totals and incentives, that money will be split down the middle.  You cannot receive recognition on the same money twice.  Both players should turn in all the information in both of their packets highlighting what are individual contributions and what are shared contributions and who they are shared with.

9. How can I get tickets to the game for my sponsors?
Each player will receive 4 tickets from their coach to give to friends, family, sponsors, or whoever you know will come to the game.

10. Who do I call with any questions regarding the camp in July? 
All football related questions should be directed to your coaching staff.

11. Where do I mail my cash and check donations? 
The mailing address is:
Children’s Wisconsin
PO Box 1197, MS 3050
Milwaukee, WI 53201

12. When will I receive my fundraising incentives?
The incentive orders will be placed after fundraising closes and will be mailed directly to the players homes. Additional details to come closer to July 13.